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Privacy in the 21st Century

Following his ‘inquiry’ that turned into a pantomime with a succession of rehearsed testimonies from politicians and journalists; Leveson has now unveiled his true colours in Australia by calling for new laws to control the Internet.

He reserved his ire for Twitter in particular and realises the great danger free speech poses to the HMG criminal gang and its desire to control everything we do, think and say. We do not live in a ‘democracy’ now.

And his report on press reform should cause no particular alarm to the press and what we are witnessing in the ‘battle’ over press reform is pure theatre… just like the ‘inquiry’ itself. All for public consumption and the useful idiots who fall for it.

Unless people have forgotten, Leveson is the man who suppressed Operation Motorman, allowing hundreds of corrupt journalists, police officers and private detectives to escape criminal prosecution. In real terms, Leveson has protected the press.

Leveson also suppressed army intelligence officer Ian Hurst who wanted to expose top-level police corruption. Likewise, he suppressed Peter Tickner who intended to expose institutionalised corruption in the Met Police.

For the record, Leveson is NOT in the press reform business and that was never his intention from the outset. He has protected the corrupt press at every stage and his only offering on press ‘reform’ is statutory regulation of newspapers. Does the foregoing constitute ‘reform’?

And by going on record in Australia, calling for the Internet, particularly social media to be regulated, we can see clearly that Leveson is just another Establishment crook who wants to control or police freedom of expression.

He regards the Internet as a place of  “mob rule” and it must be controlled. In reality, he knows only too well that the Internet has become the greatest threat to the corrupt Establishment since the emergence of Oliver Cromwell and the Great Rebellion in the 17th Century.

It is no accident either that Labour has hijacked the Hacked Off campaign and brought the little gang on side to share a platform of ‘reform’. But with their direct association with Leveson, it is clear Labour and Hacked Off support regulation of the Internet as well.

Where’s the evidence you might ask to support this assertion? Has any Labour politician or the ersatz Hacked Off group taken to the public domain to attack Leveson’s desire to control the Internet? The answer is no and that’s all the evidence you need. ‘By their deeds you shall know them’…

Leveson in Sydney

Leveson represents the greatest threat to freedom of speech this country has ever witnessed. Typically, instead of calling for essential press reform, he goes a bridge too far and demands total control of all forms of expression.

I should add that I support essential press reform but I will never support the likes of Leveson, Labour and the tame Hacked Off group, now under Labour control.

It should come as no surprise that the Labour Party is committed to regulating freedom of expression. One has only to remember 1997-2010 and the massive onslaught on privacy and freedom of expression under Blair and Brown. And Marxist Miliband is no different…

And another example of Leveson’s unfitness to tackle press reform came when he asked Tony Blair to advise him on how to regulate the press. A corrupt crackpot who transformed ‘government’ into a professional lie machine, aided and abetted by thug Al Campbell.

Trust these people with press reform? In reality, it’s become a tool with which to recruit popular support so they can push through the real agenda of controlling the Internet and social media.

Vote for Labour and in turn you elect Leveson, Hacked Off, Tony Blair and every other form of charlatan hiding behind the banner of press reform.

The only form of statutory regulation required for press reform is legislation to compel newspapers to conform to a new code of conduct. There should be no legislation to police freedom of expression.

And I warn Leveson and his mob of the serious ramifications ahead if they attempt to control the Internet. People have grown used to using the Internet as a means to express themselves. The horse has bolted the stable doors and cannot be put back without serious conflict.

‘Hands off our Internet’ the slogan goes and they should be in no doubt that there will be direct action on a large scale by several groups if they dare to tamper with our freedom of expression.

A new age has dawned and the Establishment needs to evolve or perish.

In closing, I would remind people of the most popular line trotted out at the Leveson pantomime… “we are not going there are we?”

And true to form, they did not because Leveson was not an inquiry to get at the full truth, it was a fire trench to divert the Hackgate firestorm from burning David Cameron’s government to the ground.

Fight for your right to use the Internet without regulation and send Leveson and his thought police into the dustbin of history, from whence they crawled.

(Postscript: Several weeks ago, I was approached by ‘hacking lawyer’ Mark Lewis who wanted me to cooperate with Dr Evan Harris at Hacked Off. I told Harris that I could not endorse any ‘campaign’ that had climbed into bed with the corrupt Labour Party. And I have been proved right, despite denials from Hacked Off.)