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HMP Nottingham Prison

HMP Nottingham Prison

Governor James Shanley has some serious problems to resolve at HMP Nottingham and the prison’s appalling reputation is richly deserved.

I was remanded to HMP Nottingham on 17 October by District Judge Leo Pyle on three charges of publishing ‘malicious’ communications regarding the police.

I asked my solicitor John Wilford to speak to the Inspector at Eastwood Police Station and he was assured her officers would discontinue the policy of parking outside my home. There is a perfectly good car park, always half empty, opposite the police station but the police parked their cars outside my home instead.

I made a complaint regarding this to the IPCC, which is now under appeal, and expected the police to honour their promise to Mr Wilford not to park outside on my street because I regarded it as harassment.

But the police broke their meaningless promise to Mr Wilford acting on my behalf and continued their harassment. It should be noted that we are dealing the officers’ private cars not marked police cars. There is no reason at all other than harassment for them to park outside my home.

Accordingly, I published photographs of four cars owned by police officers because I was tired of the harassment. But true to form the police claimed this was malicious communications and I was arrested, charged and remanded to prison.

On C Wing, used for induction, there was almost no trouble until the morning of 20 October when a young, fat prison officer told me that I was being moved to F Wing because I was over 40.

As we left C Wing on the 1s a chorus of “grass, grass, grass” erupted and I knew immediately that the screws had smeared me to the other prisoners. “Snitches get stitches” is the motto in HMP Nottingham and clearly the screws wanted me stitched up in more ways than one.

I had no doubt at all that corrupt Nottinghamshire Police had been in contact with their friends in the prison service to incite this false allegation to get me seriously beaten up.

On F Wing I was taken to cell F1.10 and the prisoner inside promptly told me he was a paranoid schizophrenic on medication and he also suffered from OCD. What a pleasant ‘welcome’ and I could see trouble coming in short order.

On 23 October, I was remanded back to HMP Nottingham by the Magistrates. The bail hearing was a farce and at one point the CPS troll accused me of making police officers “targets for terrorists” by publishing photographs of their private cars parked outside my house. I laughed my socks off at this nonsense and Mr Wilford objected in strong terms to the CPS drivel.

The day before, the madman in F1.10 had thrown a kettle of boiling water at me and missed. I was not surprised he got 10 years for attempted murder and the next morning on 24 October, he attacked me without warning from behind at 08:10hrs.

Craig launched his attack on me as I was lacing up my shoes. He is a 6.3 bully and he grabbed me in a throat lock, his forearm across my windpipe. Having trained in Krav Maga, I acted quickly before I blacked out. I thrust my left arm behind his leg and punched him in the testicles with my right arm. Thank goodness for Krav Maga or I would be dead now.

Craig had told me the night before the attack that he could kill me and because of his mental illness, he could not be held responsible legally. He clearly had murder on his warped mind and this man should be in a secure mental hospital not a prison.

The screws moved me to cell F2.20 on the 2s and there I met a great guy. He was huge but a gentleman with it and no one messed with “the general”. I got on with him very well and he had a brilliant sense of humour. He was straight talking too and gave me some of the best advice I had been given in many years.

I will not name him or any of the prisoners because I had no problems with them. The tiny minority who hated me because I was a journalist, I was told to ignore and “the general” took me under his wing.

I met some genuinely decent men in prison who had simply made mistakes in life and paid for it. Despite the image of prisoners being stupid, I found the reverse to be true.

But levels of staffing in HMP Nottingham are an extremely dangerous joke. Government cut-backs have endangered staff and prisoners alike. On one day, the whole of F Wing was managed by a 4.8ft female prison officer because of three serious incidents that day.

Three prison officers had been taken to hospital after being attacked in a riot on G Wing and a fight on E Wing. No reinforcements arrived between 15:30hrs to 22:00hrs. Even “the general” shook his head in disgust.

The food is atrocious and the prisoners who cook it are not to blame, it is because of Government cut-backs. The same is also true of health care and not one prisoner told me that he had been reformed by prison, even men who had served long sentences. Most men said “prison has only made me more angry than before”.

“Prison isn’t working” is a reform motto used by campaigners and I have to agree entirely. One 75-year-old man was serving a 16 week sentence for stealing a can of pop and a cheap coat. The OAP has dementia and needs medical treatment not prison.

The Governor produces a monthly bulletin to the prisoners and his grammar and spelling skills are not up to scratch. When set this example by the Governor, how can prisoners be motivated to upgrade their education?

Worringly though, HMP Nottingham is a tinder keg waiting to explode. A general riot across the whole prison is entire likely and the staff will not be able to cope when it kicks off.

Penal reform can only be achieved through rigidly enforced community penalties and fines collected by attachment to earnings or benefits. Prison should be for serious offences only, including murder, terrorism and sex crimes, particularly against children.

Throwing people in prison for petty offences, real or imagined is costing taxpayers huge sums of money and creating prisons that are ripe for riot. Not to mention the fact that some prisoners are being recalled for petty reasons, like disagreeing with a probation officer.

The internal complaints system is a worthless paper shuffling exercise. The prison authorities do not take complaints by prisoners seriously and the favourite answer used by screws when you ask them a question is “don’t know mate” and don’t want to know more to the point.

In fairness, I should say that some of the screws are good men and women doing a very difficult job but some of them are just disinterested assholes who love wearing a uniform and getting paid for standing around all day doing little or nothing.

The most common corruption prisoners complain about is the Probation Service and its power-tripping pettiness, particularly for returning people to prison for next to nothing.

I agreed with two men in HMP Nottingham that I would write a book detailing their lives in prison. This will have to wait until they are released because otherwise the Probation Service will try to prevent their release.

I would also like to thank Officer Khan for apologising to me for being rude on F Wing. Some officers do give a damn and Mr Khan is a first class officer for whom I have a great deal of respect.

On 11 November at 15:00hrs, a screw opened my cell door and announced: “Tomlin, come on mate, home time, bail.”

Mr Wilford had appeared at Nottingham Crown Court with a Judge in Chambers application before Judge James Sampson. I was bailed and walked through the prison gate at 16:50hrs in complete darkness but before I left, two screws had a surprise for me, one of which I will never forget.

One screw asked me to write an article telling everyone what a “great job” they are doing at HMP Nottingham under pressure of cut-backs. Instead I produced this balanced piece instead of propaganda.

At the front gate another screw said: “You do realise Special Branch are the biggest criminal gang in the country don’t you.” I replied by saying, “yes, I know, I’ve been fighting them for nearly 25 years”.


The grotesque pantomime continues in the Smeargate case with the neo-Nazi complainant requesting the ‘right’ to testify from behind a screen.

My solicitor explained that the Court could grant the application “because it will be viewed as a neutral request” but in reality it is pure contrived theatre, organised by the corrupt police and desperate CPS.

I have instructed my solicitor to oppose all anonymity applications and he agrees that it is intolerable. Any such application therefore will be opposed and appealed through every stage of the legal system. My solicitor has also said that the police should not have used code numbers to conceal their names and ranks and they should not get away with it.

In the first instance, the neo-Nazi and bent copper [complainants] thought they could get away with submitting ‘evidence’ by way of their contrived statements alone but District Judge Divas agreed with solicitor Bill Soughton that they should testify in court.

In response to not getting what they want – nasty little babies throwing toys out of the pram routine – the CPS requested witness anonymity for two lying police detectives 0700617 and 2003058 and now they want the Pantomime Princess to testify from behind a screen.

If the police and their Pantomime Princess are telling the truth, why do they need anonymity? None of my witnesses want anonymity because they are telling the truth. Whistleblower Susan Stringer has not requested ‘witness anonymity’ because she has told the truth about the Pantomime Princess and her neo-Nazi puppet masters.

Police lies in this case are well documented and the tape recorded interview of 3 May proves the police have lied for the Pantomime Princess and the bent copper. They have fabricated ‘phantom witnesses’ and when pressed to name them, they could produce no one, not even phantom witnesses who want to hide behind screens. In fact, Detective 0700617 has spun lies with casual disregard for the truth and I have never met anyone with so little regard for telling the truth, arguably the biggest police liar I have ever encountered.

So why does the Pantomime Princess want to testify from behind a screen? The first and obvious answer is theatre to create the impression that she is in extreme danger if identified. But the truth is that all interested parties know what she looks like and they know her name. How do they know? Because she has had relationships with several neo-Nazi leaders who now fear she has also betrayed their dirty secrets to the police and they will not tolerate treachery.

If the rumours are true that the Pantomime Princess is going into witness protection – more contrived theatre – then she will have told the police everything in return for immunity from prosecution. She has authored her own downfall and no one else is to blame, other than the police.

Nonetheless, despite the real threat to the Pantomime Princess coming from the British Movement, Blood & Honour UK and the British National Party; the vicious CPS liars will no doubt create the impression that I am to blame for the threat, despite the fact there is no threat.

In the recorded police interview on 3 May, the female detective fabricated a death threat against the Pantomime Princess but when I pressed the moronic copper to provide evidence, she admitted there was no evidence and “it’s all open to interpretation”. Detective 0700617 also admitted on tape that the alleged ‘harassment’ was also “open to interpretation” and that there is no concrete evidence to prove harassment, it’s just their malicious opinion.

On the contrary, a death threat is a very clear issue, it is not “open to interpretation” and as a result, the lying coppers backed down and did not dare mention the subject again. In fact, the charge is Section 2 ‘Harassment Without Violence’ and this relates to published material only. There has been no stalking of either complainant, neither of them has been threatened, so where is the ‘harassment’? It’s all “open to interpretation”.

So in real terms there has been no violent threat to the Pantomime Princess on my part and there is no future threat either, not from me at least.

The only threat she faces is from the neo-Nazi leaders she has had relationships with since early 1991. The mere suspicion of betrayal in the far Right can be a death sentence. That’s what happened to me on 20 January 1990, when Gordon Jackson knew I had exposed his lies and thieving. I was subjected to “a particularly horrific attack” and very nearly bled to death and that is not “open to interpretation” it is just fact.

For the record, the same neo-Nazi leaders the Pantomime Princess fears, have also threatened to kill me repeatedly. I have been threatened with knee capping, my parents were threatened with petrol bombing and the ‘police’ allowed them to get away with their joint terror campaign. Neo-Nazis and BNP activists also stalked me, thus creating an organised threat’ but Sgt Ian Johnson ordered his corrupt officers at Eastwood Police Station not to investigate the threat because they were and remain on the side of neo-Nazis and there is no denying it any more.

It’s hardly surprising given the fact Special Branch also allowed the British Movement attack gang to escape prosecution for my attempted murder in 1990 and have protected the neo-Nazi gangsters ever since because the British Movement was a Special Branch infiltration operation and the hard evidence proves it. In fact, Searchlight Magazine editors have admitted this fact in writing several times.

This is what the corrupt police and CPS are trying to hide but it is a pointless task. Ray Hill, Tim Hepple, Matthew Collins and goodness knows how many others all infiltrated far Right groups through the British Movement.

David Mee, Alastair Bullman, Micky Lane and David Braddon, were all involved in the British Movement Leader Guard and they all had relationships with the Pantomime Princess and Braddon is the father of her child. In the case of Lane, he became leader of the British Movement after Danny Tolan stood down and Alastair Bullman replaced Ian Stuart as Blood & Honour UK leader.

The Pantomime Princess has every reason to fear murderous reprisals from her former lovers if they suspect she has betrayed them but I should say at this stage that I have seen no evidence to prove she has betrayed them. The evidence I have seen is that she has continued to fraternise with neo-Nazis, particularly Diane and Stephen Calladine.

Siblings Steven and Diane Calladine. In 1993, Diane was engaged to married to Blood & Honour leader Ian Stuart

Siblings Stephen and Diane Calladine. In 1993, Diane was engaged to Blood & Honour leader Ian Stuart Donaldson

If she had played the game my way, none of this would be happening now and she knows it. I would have given her complete anonymity in return for cooperation and I would have protected her by never naming her but she decided to back the neo-Nazis instead. In fact, I have done the same for all of my sources in the far Right. Susan Stringer was named at her own insistence and I advised her not to reveal her identity but she wanted the neo-Nazis to know she had exposed them.

The Pantomime Princess has put herself in danger, she is entirely responsible for her own actions and no one else is to blame for her actions, apart from the police of course, who use and abuse everyone, which is the reason why they have never been able to recruit me, despite three failed attempts, two of them by Special Branch.

It’s difficult to comprehend how Alastair Bullman could ever get upset at someone ‘betraying’ him to the police? The inescapable fact is that Bullman has been protected by the police since 24 January 1990 and was allowed to commit perjury and make death threats with impunity at Derby Crown Court in September 1990.

All of the foregoing is a warped game by the police, CPS and neo-Nazis working together to achieve a common goal: To destroy me for having the temerity to expose their corruption and evil activities in the first place. It should not be forgotten either that Nottinghamshire Police officers stood up in court in 1978 and defended Gordon Jackson who was convicted of the brutal rape of a 15-year-old girl and for which he received a non-custodial sentence. This is not a battle against corruption, it is a war against pure evil.

The police know the names of everyone involved in my attempted murder and refuse to arrest them, saying “case closed” and citing the ‘reason’ of ‘impoliteness’ on my part and I have this in writing from Deputy Chief Constable Alan Goodwin of Derbyshire Police. Who has ever heard of the police refusing to investigate a string of serious criminal offences because of alleged ‘impoliteness’? I reiterate, this is not corruption at work it is pure evil.


DCC Alan Goodwin and CC Mick Creedon, colluding with neo-Nazis

Consequently, expect every dirty trick known to mankind as these criminal scum attempt to slither out of the nest of lies they have woven since 1990 but there is no escape because I will not allow them to escape.

My solicitor has now made a written application to the CPS to obtain all police and intelligence services files on the Pantomime Princess and the bent copper’s informant Shaun Bonner. If the CPS refuse to cooperate, my solicitor has assured me that “there are other applications we can make” and we will make them to get at the truth.

The corrupt police and neo-Nazis wanted to play this game and they must be prepared for an almighty battle to ensure they do not destroy open justice for everyone in Britain.

The Pantomime Princess claims she could not sleep at night because of what I exposed about her but she had no problem sleeping at night in the beds of extremely violent neo-Nazis and her lies are now so transparent she wants to hide behind a screen.

At the trial, we will play several music videos to the Court produced by her neo-Nazi lovers, to show what she has a stomach to tolerate and to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she is in fact a malicious Pantomime Princess lying like a coward from behind a screen.

VIDEO – ‘KICK THE REDS IN’ by Alastair Bullman and Whitelaw

I should also remind the public that the only person to be threatened in this case, and repeatedly at that, is me and I was in fact ambushed from behind by copper’s nark Shaun Bonner and his associate Gary Parkin on 4 June this year in Nottingham. The CPS has now charged Bonner with assault because I would not drop the matter and made a complaint to the IPCC against PC 3277 Louise Douglas, who referred to Bonner at Central Police Station on 5 June as “a snout”.

I should like to make it clear that I have now issued IPCC complaints against Detective 2003058, Inspector XXXXX, PC Martin Battison of Nottinghamshire Police and PC Batchelor of Derbyshire Police on the grounds of harassment and misconduct in a public office and the evidence against them is incontrovertible. I have also made a complaint against Yvonne Weightman at Broxtowe Borough Council for abuse of power and conflict of interest and she also used Detective 2003058 as an errand boy to do her dirty work. The evidence against them is damning and they know it.

I will NOT stop the fight for justice and will continue to expose the corrupt snakes involved in this evil hate campaign.

Any reporting restrictions put on this case by District Judge Cooper at Nottingham Magistrates Court will be challenged at the Court of Appeal in London. We will go through every stage of the British and European legal system if necessary to stop the Terror Gang from destroying open justice.

Anyone who wants to fund a private prosecution in this case, to bring the malefactors to justice for perverting the course of justice, should contact me at

Alastair Bullman and Kim Page doing the Nazi night out routine in Broxtowe. Both have confirmed connections to Nottinghamshire Police officers.

Alastair Bullman and Kim Page doing the Nazi night out routine in Broxtowe. Both have confirmed connections to Nottinghamshire Police officers.


Witness anonymity

Half a league, half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death
Rode the Constabulary.
“Forward, the Police.
“Charge for the court he said:
Into the valley of Nottingham ride the six hundred.

“Forward, the Light Brigade!”
Was there a cop dismay’d?
Not tho’ the bobbies knew
Someone had blunder’d:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why (or tell the truth)
Theirs but to do and lie
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

Council to right of them,
Council to left of them,
Magistrates in front of them
Volley’d and thundered;
Storm’d at with accusations and cross examination.
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Perjury.
Rode the six hundred.

Flash’d all their tasers  bare,
Flash’d as they turn’d in air,
Sabring the gunners there,
Charging an army, while
All the world wonder’d:
Plunged in the battery-smoke
Right thro’ what’s right they broke;
Freedom and Liberty
Reel’d from the sabre stroke
Shatter’d and sunder’d.
Then they rode back, but not
Not the six hundred.

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon behind them
Volley’d and thunder’d;
Storm’d at with shot and shell,
While horse and hero fell,
They that had fought so blindly
Came thro’ the jaws of Death
Back from the mouth of Hell,
All that was left of them,
Left of six hundred delusional  sycophants.

(Hope Mr Tennyson approves)

Detective 0700617

Detective 0700617

The Johnson Partnership Solicitors have now released the DVD recording of my interview with CID detectives hiding behind code numbers on 3 May 2014 at Bridewell Police Station.

The tape is damning and proves the police lied on behalf of the two complainants and when challenged to name ‘phantom witnesses’, they could not name anyone. Likewise, when challenged to name the police colleagues of the complainant who were ‘shocked’ by what they read, CID could not name a single person because it’s all fabrication. Of course it comes as no surprise that CID officers have lied, it’s what they do for a living.

The female CID officer admits that she has not met the neo-Nazi complainant but nonetheless insists said person is not a neo-Nazi. But the complainant has now admitted this fact, crushed under the weight of evidence, proving CID lied on her behalf and did so knowingly and it’s all on the tape.

Both CID officers refused to answer any questions regarding evidence, particularly in relation to the ‘phantom witnesses’ fabricated by the police complainant. It is to be hoped CID behave like this in court under cross-examination because they will be torn to shreds in short order. Refusing to answer questions under cross-examination in court is guaranteed defeat.

Below is a summary my solicitor asked me to prepare of the main points of the interview.

11:30 to 12:25 minutes: CID officers do not deny my bail address was leaked by corrupt officers at Eastwood Police Station and say “this is something we will have to look at”.

13:20 to 14:55 minutes: CID admit they have not met the neo-Nazi complainant and do not know her but lie on her behalf nonetheless.

15:20 to 16:25 minutes: CID officers discover Simon Tomlin was given the home addresses of both complainants by police informant Neil Jackson, who was later exposed in illegal entrapment operation with corrupt officers at Eastwood Police Station.

21:30 to 22:00 minutes: CID officers did not deny when challenged that Blood & Honour leader Alastair Bullman is a Covert Human Intelligence Source for Special Branch is directly involved with the neo-Nazi complainant.

25:55 to 39:10 minutes: The neo-Nazi complainant is discussed in detail and CID don’t deny she is a police informant and has supplied them with information. Her involvement with Blood & Honour UK and the British Movement is covered at length and the CID officers are unable to refute any point. CID officers accuse Simon of making “death threats” against the neo-Nazi complainant and then 5 minutes later admit “they are not overt threats” and that in fact Simon did not threaten the complainant. Simon was not charged with making death threats.

39:30 to 1:07:48 minutes: The police complainant is discussed in great detail and CID officers cannot name a single person the complainant claims approached him in the street and accused him of being corrupt because the allegation is completely fabricated. Likewise, CID cannot name any of the officers who claimed they were ‘shocked’ to read about the complainant’s alleged antics in harassing and intimidating witnesses, particularly Joyce Wharton and Janet Envers. It should be noted that Joyce Wharton and Envers subsequently changed their story and the evidence proves it beyond reasonable doubt. The police complainant threatened Simon with revenge and on 4 June this year, Simon was attacked by Shaun Bonner, who was an informant for the police complainant. CID officers did not deny when challenged that Shaun Bonner is a police informant. Bonner has now been charged with assault and the CPS have put a restraining order on him until his trial is concluded because Bonner made threats to kill during the assault.

During the rest of the interview, the desperate CID officers accused Simon of being in league with gangster Colin Gunn – convicted of conspiracy to murder Joan and John Stirland, for which he was given a 35 year sentence – despite the fact Simon does not know Colin or David Gunn and has never met them. When challenged to produce evidence, CID had no evidence of any description and fabricated the allegation. At the close of the interview, CID officers go off on a dream-world tangent, accusing Simon of involvement in ‘inciting’ the August 2011 riots, despite the fact he was in Derbyshire at the time and even called for the Army to be mobilised in defence of the civil power.

Colin Gunn and DC Charles Fletcher, one of the corrupt police officers on his payroll

Colin Gunn and DC Charles Fletcher, one of the corrupt police officers on his payroll

It is a shocking exercise in character assassination and evil fantasy and when challenged to produce evidence to support their warped allegations and lies, CID officers could not produce evidence.

More importantly, Detective 0700617 admits several times in the interview that the published material is “open to interpretation” and that the ‘harassment’ allegation is merely a matter of opinion not fact and there is no supporting evidence.

Based on this taped interview, the West Midlands Chief Prosecutor rejected all four Section 4 Harassment allegations against Simon because they were fabricated. A serving police Inspector and a former Chief Supt cannot be named at this point for legal reasons but when said conditions are lifted, they will be named and the entire tape recording will be released in the public domain.

The police cannot be allowed to fabricate malicious allegations without supporting evidence, use and abuse the legal system to bring a malicious prosecution and then get away with it.

The CID officers in question Detective 0700617 and Detective 2003058 both want to claim ‘witness anonymity’ behind which to reiterate their appalling lies. If the court grants a witness anonymity order, it will be challenged under Judicial Review at the Court of Appeal immediately before any trial can take place.

The tape recorded interview proves beyond question that the police and neo-Nazis are in collusion to bring a malicious prosecution and they must be stopped in the public interest before they destroy ‘open justice’ for everyone in Britain.


Freedom of Speech (Classic Edition)

The Crown Prosecution Service made an application today at Nottingham Magistrates Court for ‘witness anonymity’ for two unknown police officers they want to give ‘evidence’ at the Smeargate trial. The CPS does not have a case and as a result they now want to turn British courts into something resembling Nazi Germany.

Picture this: In extremis with a case falling apart, the CPS introduce ‘witnesses’ who cannot be named at any time and this means the whole procedure is wide open to abuse. The CPS can concoct imaginary ‘witnesses’ to give false testimony by way of ‘statements’ to convict any innocent defendant. This is the real objective of the ‘witness anonymity’ scam now being pulled in the Smeargate trial and it must be resisted by all democracy campaigners.

District Judge Divas told the court today that it was “highly unusual for witness anonymity in a Magistrates Court” and he had only “encountered it once in the case of undercover police officers involved in a vice trial”.

Defence solicitor Bill Soughton of the Johnson Partnership told the court immediately that the application would be opposed on 16 October and if granted, the application will be appealed to the higher courts to ensure open justice is preserved in the face of police and neo-Nazi tyranny.

Remember, the Smeargate case involves a corrupt police officer known to everyone in the NG16 area and a neo-Nazi involved with Blood & Honour UK and the British Movement.

What are they concealing? The British Movement neo-Nazis who were allowed to escape prosecution by Derbyshire Police Special Branch for my attempted murder on 20 January 1990. The complainants are mere pawns being used and abused by powerful sinister forces.

The neo-Nazi complainant denied being a neo-Nazi but now admits this in the face of overwhelming evidence to prove it. Having changed the story and lied repeatedly, said complainant has no credibility worth talking about.

The second complainant took two years to fabricate a complaint of ‘harassment’ and now expects people to take him seriously.

It should also be noted that the West Midlands Chief Prosecutor rejected all four Section 4 Harassment complaints because they were fabricated for malicious reasons and stood no chance of success in the courts.

But this new development shows the extent of the police and CPS desperation with their case in tatters, they want to introduce two ‘witnesses’ who played no part in the case whatsoever. So what do they have to contribute other than vicious fiction and character assassination? The answer is nothing, they want to turn Britain into the Third Reich, quite apt considering the police and neo-Nazi collusion in this case, which they no longer deny, having lied about it for 24 years.

The Smeargate case now affects everyone in Britain because if this case succeeds, the police and CPS will be able to produce phantom ‘witnesses’ to save a case from being ripped to shreds.

Smeargate also means Simon Tomlin, harassed, smeared and threatened by the corrupt police and neo-Nazis for 24 years, will now make legal history and he will never be forgotten.

Simon vows to fight the case with every fibre of his moral intellect in defence of democracy and freedom of speech.

It should also be exposed at this stage that the Smeargate case is a joint operation by Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Police and they have thrown the entire bag of dirty tricks at Simon through the East Midlands Special Operations Unit but to no avail.

The stench of Special Branch is unmistakeable in this case and their use of the neo-Nazi Terror Gang for over 30 years is now undeniable.

The is a war between the public and police and their neo-Nazi proxies. The 1930s have now come around again and all democrats must rise in revolt to defend democracy against tyranny.

Simon has instructed his solicitor to hit the two complainants so hard at the trial that they will never get up off the canvas again. This policy is entirely necessary to guarantee the continued existence of open justice in a democracy.




INCITEMENT TO MURDER – legal definition 

We are launching a PUBLIC APPEAL for information on the suspect above known only as “Dave” operating in the Alfreton, Derbyshire area between 17 to 29 March this year.

“Dave” targeted Simon Tomlin on three occasions at Alfreton between said dates and on the third occasion told Simon: “Bullman is back in the country now, I can tell you where to find him and you can take him out any time you want to.” But Simon refused to kill Bullman and was immediately aware he was being targeted in an illegal police entrapment operation.

On 14 March, Simon gave his new bail address at Alfreton, Derbyshire to the East Midlands Special Operations Unit at Hucknall in Nottinghamshire, where he was required to report three times a week between 11:00 and 13:00hrs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The following evening of 15 March, people were conducting searches on this blog for Simon’s new location and only the police knew the address where he moved to as a result of their failed operation to smash his anti-corruption campaign. The bail address was emailed from EMSOU to Sgt Andrew Browning and PC Martin Battinson at Eastwood Police Station, whereupon it was leaked to neo-Nazis on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border.

On 3 May this year, Simon was interviewed by two CID detectives [hiding behind code numbers] at Bridewell Police Station in a two-hour recorded interview and the male officer did NOT deny Simon’s bail address was leaked and promised the matter would be investigated but CID officers have done nothing to identify the source of the leak and they know exactly who leaked the address.

“Dave” is in his late 50s, white, well built, about 6ft tall, has fair hair and a well spoken Derbyshire accent. He had a bundle of extensive hand-written research on the far Right on all three occasions and his cover story was “I’m writing a book about the far Right and Judaism”. He also admitted that he had attended Blood & Honour gigs in the Jacksdale area of Nottinghamshire close to Alfreton and knew Bullman.

Bullman’s last known registered address was at Nuncargate, Kirkby-in-Ashfield but he no longer lives there.

Alastair Bullman and Kim Page doing the Nazi night out routine

Alastair John Bullman and Kim Page doing the Nazi night out routine

Police dirty tricks, special operations, entrapment and the far Right go cap-in-glove but the real objective of this entrapment operation was not to get Bullman killed but rather to put Simon in prison for the rest of his life for conspiracy to commit murder. No police officer has denied this fact and the organised criminal gang thought they could get away with anything until the Johnson Partnership Solicitors came onto the scene.

Anyone with information on “Dave” should contact us at or alternatively contact the Johnson Partnership using this link

The dirty tricks and criminal offences committed by the police and their proxies is unacceptable and must be stopped in the public interest.

Police collusion with neo-Nazis must also be stopped in the public interest and we urge the public to support this campaign to dismantle the Terror Gang using the legal system.

NB: On 15 September, Simon met his solicitor in Derby and one of the issues they discussed was Danny Tolan and his immunity from prosecution for commissioning the attempted murder of Simon on 20 January 1990. Simon and his solicitor agreed that Tolan’s order to Gordon Jackson “just take him outside and do him” was in fact “conspiracy to commit murder”. The corrupt police have already allowed the neo-Nazi attack gang to escape prosecution for this appalling crime, please work with us now to ensure the police do NOT get away with incitement to murder and entrapment.

Alfreton Library, Severn Square, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BQ

Alfreton Library, Severn Square, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BQ


Martyn Page, far left throwing Nazi salute with Blood & Honour leader Alastair Bullman

Martin Page, far left throwing Nazi salute with Blood & Honour leader Alastair Bullman

Redneck Nottinghamshire is on the verge of a massive corruption scandal involving a string of corrupt police officers, neo-Nazis, Labour politicians, drug dealers and police informants.

We have received new information in writing on the alleged relationship between Detective Chief Inspector Mick Windmill-Jones and neo-Nazis Martin and Kim Page, both heavily involved in the British National Party and Blood & Honour UK.

At this point we are in the process of investigating the allegation and call upon members of public in the Eastwood area to cooperate with our anti-corruption campaign.

The allegation is that DCI Windmill-Jones is related to Kim Page through marriage on his wife’s side and if this proves to be true, it begs the question why he was given the job of whitewashing an IPCC complaint against a police officer in the same area with alleged links to the British National Party and Blood & Honour?

The source claims Fiona and DCI Windmill-Jones live close to the IKEA store at Eastwood/Giltbrook and we are investigating this matter thoroughly because the police are notorious for using proxies to spin disinformation and then claim ‘harassment’ in their amateurish entrapment operations. In fact, the West Midlands Chief Prosecutor recently threw-out two fabricated claims of harassment by lying police officers involved in an entrapment operation.

The background history to the case is particularly chilling considering the fact that Alastair Bullman escaped prosecution for his part in the attempted murder of Simon Smith on 20 January 1990. Since then Bullman has been immune from prosecution because of Derbyshire Police Special Branch, despite the fact he made death threats against Simon at Derby Crown Court in September 1990 and committed perjury during the trial.

Martin Page of course is right-hand man to Alastair Bullman and below the Blood & Honour leader is photographed on a night-out in Broxtowe throwing Nazi salutes with Kim Page. Therefore the neo-Nazi connection is beyond dispute!

Alastair Bullman and Kim Page doing the Nazi night out routine

Alastair Bullman and Kim Page doing the Nazi night out routine

The plot thickens even deeper when considering the fact that the police officer in the Smeargate case lives just 100 yards from Bullman’s parents, where he grew-up and is known by everyone in the area, including the corrupt officer involved in the malicious prosecution. This same officer was recently protected to the hilt by none other than DCI Windmill-Jones who headed the one-sided whitewash for Nottinghamshire Police Professional ‘Standards’ Directorate.

The new material has been passed to Simon’s solicitors at The Johnson Partnership and senior partners are now preparing a definitive response to the malicious prosecution.

It should also be noted that Bullman and Martin and Kim Page are also friends of the neo-Nazi complainant in the Smeargate case but the dimwitted, lying police still claim there is no police collusion with neo-Nazis in the area.

The most damning lie thus far came in a taped recorded two-hour interview at Bridewell Police Station on 3 May, in which a female CID officer hiding behind a code number to protect her identity, alleged “she is not a neo-Nazi” but when Simon lured her into a tactical ambush minutes later, the dumbfounded CID officer had to admit she had never met the complainant but lied on her behalf nonetheless.

Simon has now instructed his solicitors to make an Abuse of Process application at Nottingham Magistrates Court to have the case thrown out on the grounds of malicious prosecution and the evidence is damning.

The Johnson Partnership will now be pressing Nottinghamshire Police to clarify the exact relationship between DCI Windmill-Jones and Martin and Kim Page?

In the interim, if anyone has pertinent information to impart on this matter, please email us at

The investigation continues.

Friends Alastair Bullman and David Radulovic share common interests but not in neo-Nazi politics. David's brother Milan Radulovic is the Labour Party leader of Broxtowe Borough Council and he escaped conviction for benefits fraud because of friendly Judge Michael Stokes, now Sheriff of Nottingham. Radulovic of course is close to Gloria De Piero MP and former County Councillor Eleanor Lodziak, who sat on the Nottinghamshire Police Authority for several years. Quite an appalling nest of professional political incest that needs to be rooted out in the public interest.

Friends Alastair Bullman and David Radulovic share common interests but not in neo-Nazi politics. David’s brother Milan Radulovic is the Labour Party leader of Broxtowe Borough Council and he escaped conviction for benefits fraud because of friendly Judge Michael Stokes, now Sheriff of Nottingham. Radulovic of course is close to Gloria De Piero MP and former County Councillor Eleanor Lodziak, who sat on the Nottinghamshire Police Authority for several years. Quite an appalling nest of professional and political incest that needs to be rooted out in the public interest.