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Timothy Miles Hepple

News Alliance editor Simon Tomlin is to stand trial on a trumped up charge of ‘harassment’ because of material he published about neo-Nazis and corrupt police officers.

In keeping with their cover-up of Simon’s attempted murder by British Movement thugs in 1990, the police are now making Simon the scapegoat again for exposing the people involved in the “particulary horrific attack” and ensuing cover-up.

We do not believe this is tolerable in a civilised ‘democracy’ but freedom of expression is dead and buried in Broken Britain.

Is it acceptable that the ‘people’ who carried out this heinous crime escape any form of justice?

Since 1990, the corrupt police and their CPS puppets have changed the story repeatedly. At first was a “particulary horrific attack” and then in 2005 the story changed to there was never any attack.

On 19 May at Nottingham Magistrates Court, the CPS troll changed the story again, telling  District Judge Pyle that the attack was “only common assault. A man was prosecuted and imprisoned. “

The CPS tried to create the impression that Gordon Jackson did not successfully appeal against conviction and history was rewritten by the lying police/CPS gang.

In fact Jackson stood trial on a GBH Section 18 indictment but was convicted of ABH because the NHS medical records of Simon’s extensive injuries went missing on day two of the trial.


NHS medical records withheld for 24 years...

Jackson’s accomplices and boss Danny Tolan were all allowed to escape prosecution and the man who could have put them in jail was never allowed to testify against them.

Special Branch agent Tim Hepple was undercover in the British Movement at the time of the attack and ensuing cover-up and has been shielded from scrutiny ever since.

This is unacceptable and Searchlight Magazine, apparently an anti-Fascist publication, refuse to help Simon secure justice. It comes as no surprise that Gerry Gable has admitted to working for MI5 and Special Branch in the past.

It is imperative therefore that Tim Hepple is stripped of all protection in the public domain. This dirty tricks merchant leads a charmed life while the victim of an attempted murder faces prosecution for daring to expose the truth.

We call on anyone with pertinent information about Tim Hepple to contact us at and the information will then be passed in confidence to Simon’s solicitors at The Johnson Partnership.

We should also note that the police and CPS liars also concocted another hilarious fantasy on 19 May in court. The CPS troll told the court that Simon “alleges MI5 and Special Branch put a hit out on him”.

In the real world, Simon has never alleged anything of the sort in writing or to anyone else. When pressed for evidence to support the new fairy tale, the CPS could not respond… obviously needed more time to think of another fairy tale ‘reply’.

We urge anyone with relevant information to contact us to ensure the victim of a brutal attack is not convicted of exposing the people involved in the cover-up.

In particular we must not allow the police and CPS trolls to run a smear campaign in court whilst cowardly hiding behind absolute privilege.

Simon vows to fight the case with every resource at his disposal and further vows to appeal any conviction all the way to the Supreme Court and European Court of Justice if necessary.

We can also reveal for the first time that Simon has been offered a senior position with a new English language news agency in the Russian Federation and he will be leaving Britain after the trial.


Extremely violent neo-Nazi fanatic David Brinley Braddon

News Alliance can now reveal that David Braddon is the father of Melony McElroy’s daughter Megan and the revelation destroys her ‘credibility’ as a prosecution witness.


Of course it comes as no surprise that the incurably dishonest McElroy has been caught lying again and Nottinghamshire Police and the CPS have lied on her behalf.

In a recorded police interview on 3 May in the presence of legal representative Reema Alam, Simon was told by both of the unnamed officers using only code numbers to identify themselves, that McElroy has never been a neo-Nazi and isn’t involved with them.

But the hard evidence always contradicts lying police officers and their neo-Nazi assets. The female officer told Simon repeatedly: “She’s not a neo-Nazi” but she had no answer for Simon’s reliance on the facts.

Simon was arrested at 05:00hrs on 3 May and held in custody until 5 May, when he was released on bail at Nottingham Magistrates Court. He was ably represented by the Johnson Partnership and entered a not guilty plea to the fabricated charge of ‘harassment’.

At the hearing, the CPS solicitor waffled this piece of nonsense to the Magistrates: “McElroy admits she did have a brief relationship with a man with Fascist beliefs some 23 years ago but has had nothing to do with extremists since.”

The man in question was David ‘Cat’ Mee, former bodyguard to Ian Stuart, the deceased former leader of neo-Nazi Blood & Honour. But McElroy did not have a brief fling with him and they were together for several years. Another lie nailed with ease.

McElroy then went on to have relationships with Micky Lane, former leader of the neo-Nazi British Movement and Alastair Bullman, leader of Blood & Honour.


Current British Movement leader Alastair John Bulman from Underwood - another one of McElroy's sick lovers

The inescapable fact is that McElroy has a taste for hardcore neo-Nazis in leadership positions and her lies are blown out of the water with elementary investigation.

McElroy told the police that she was trying to protect her daughter from extremism but the unpalatable truth also contradicts that fantasy. If McElroy wanted to protect her daughter from extremism, why have a child in the first place with one of Britain’s most vile neo-Nazis.


David Braddon has an appalling track record of violence and illegal dog fighting but McElroy allows her daughter to have contact with Braddon and therefore is NOT protecting her from extremism.

On McElroy is listed on the electoral register living with David Braddon in Wales but in 2008 she was declared bankrupt and had to move into a council house in Eastwood. McElroy’s bankruptcy record is also available on


The monstrous lie about having nothing to do with extremists for 23 years is designed to frame an innocent man, who was the victim of a murderous neo-Nazi gang in which her former lovers played a leading role.

Braddon was also heavily involved in the British Movement and knows the names of everyone involved in the “particularly horrific attack” on Simon in 1990.

McElroy has been sworn to secrecy by David Mee, Alastair Bullman and David Braddon, backed up with the threat of violence for stepping out of line. Whereas Simon has never threatened her with physical harm of any description but McElroy is just a pawn of senior neo-Nazis and their Special Branch handlers.

Nonetheless, we understand that McElroy is afraid of reprisals from neo-Nazis and rightly so because they are sadistic, evil people with a lust for violence and bloodshed, they are motivated entirely by hate.

To this end and because we know McElroy lives in fear of reprisals from neo-Nazis, it is only right and proper that we offer her some protection. We would like to make it perfectly clear that McElroy has never given us any information about the neo-Nazis wanted for Simon’s attempted murder.

In fact, a great deal of our information on Alastair Bullman came from his estranged wife Tracey Bentley via two intermediaries who were also involved in the British Movement.


Simon has asked his solicitors to call Tracey Bentley as a witness to confirm her husband Bullman had an affair with McElroy and that the legal secretary was not the source of information on the neo-Nazi attack gang.

McElroy can now sleep in peace on that score and neo-Nazis should be in no doubt that McElroy has always honoured her oath of loyalty to Blood & Honour and the British Movement.

Ms Bentley need not be concerned about reprisals because her husband would never allow any of his evil comrades to harm her but this revelation about her betrayal will hurt Bullman deeply.

Furthermore, Simon has now given his solicitors all of his email correspondence with McElroy during November 2013. The emails make for a damning read. McElroy, who claims she was harassed from 1 November 2013, writes to Simon several times and signs her messages “Regards, Mel xxx”.

In one email she wrote ‘that would be lovely’ and accepts Simon’s invitation to meet for a coffee at his mother’s home. So where is the ‘harassment’?

The evidence proves McElroy did all the running whilst conniving with the police at the same time and she gave Simon’s address to the police. Her treachery is now well documented and McElroy is the author of her misfortune.

Lying about the father of her child to protect evil neo-Nazis is one of the lowest stunts anyone could ever pull.

We remind our readers that Simon was the victim of a vicious attempted murder but the neo-Nazis responsible are protected by the corrupt police, who continue to harass and arrest Simon to force him into silence.

Simon vows to continue the battle for justice against the police and neo-Nazi terror gang and he will never surrender to them under any circumstances.



A qualified source who intercepted a telephone call between Inspector Deborah Regan at Eastwood Police Station and neo-Nazi leader Alastair Bulman, has now disclosed they intend to meet at 3pm on 22 April at Strutts North Mill, Belper, Derbyshire in a coffee shop to discuss our editor Simon Tomlin.

Strutts North Mill visitor centre, Belper, Derbyshire

The source also reveals that the police are using mobile phone interception technology in the force helicopter in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and can even intercept landline telephone calls.

The source refuses to use a telephone in relation to this matter because of fear of interception. Since February 2011, MI5 Gazelle helicopters have made regular surveillance sweeps across the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border triangulating mobile phone signals and intercepting calls and data.

But the real issue is why Regan and Bulman have ‘secret’ meetings at remote rural locations? What are they scheming and plotting to do to Simon next?

Bulman was the look-out man on 20 January 1990 at the Mundy Arms, Ilkeston in Derbyshire and witnessed the attempted murder of Simon by his evil British Movement comrades, for which they escaped prosecution.

Bulman avoided prosecution by becoming a Special Branch registered informant (CHIS) and also escaped prosecution for death threats and perjury at Derby Crown Court in September 1990.

Bulman claims he cannot be seen entering Eastwood Police Station and can only meet his police allies at remote locations but the enemy are being intercepted by our allies to thwart their evil schemes.

Again, why did Inspector Regan arrange a ‘secret’ meeting with a confirmed suspect in an attempted murder? There is no difference between the ‘police’ and neo-Nazis; they are the very same terror gang intimidating the public with the threat of force.

The source wrote: “It is disgusting, those neo-Nazis are despicable people. “

On 14/15 March, the corrupt police leaked Simon’s bail address at Alfreton in Derbyshire to the neo-Nazis who then used the information to search this blog and which evidence is recorded in the blog’s statistics provided by WordPress.

Another reason why the corrupt police leaked the bail address is because Simon was staying with his niece and she has four mixed-race children and the racist police were only too happy to put them in danger as well.

We call on anti-racists and anti-Nazis in the area to watch the Strutts North Mill visitor centre on 22 April at 3pm but it is now highly unlikely that Bulman and Regan will meet there.

We have asked the source to continue to intercept and track all of Bulman’s mobile phones because our objective is to put the evil bastard out of business permanently in the public interest.

We urge the public to unite behind this campaign to expose and smash the police and neo-Nazi terror gang in the public interest.

NB: It should be noted that Inspector Regan did not intend to advise her colleagues at Derbyshire Police of the shady meeting with evil Bulman on their patch. What are they hiding from Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon?



A new source has asked for anonymity from News Alliance and we have agreed to the request to guarantee the person’s safety.

The source claims to have intercepted a telephone call recently between corrupt Inspector Deborah Regan and neo-Nazi leader Alastair Bulman.

The source was “disgusted” by what they discussed about our editor Simon Tomlin and there is no doubt at all the corrupt police and neo-Nazis are colluding to destroy Simon in a vicious hate campaign.

We have asked the source to leak a recording or transcript of the telephone call intercepted recently through the Ripley 01773 exchange in Derbyshire.

It is imperative to put this material in the public domain to ensure people know what is happening in the collusion between the police and neo-Nazi terror gang.



We are certain the Russians would like to hear this telephone call and there is no doubt HM Government has sponsored neo-Nazi proxies in Ukraine to destablise the Russian Federation.

The corrupt police and neo-Nazis can be certain that we will never surrender to their naked terrorism.

The war goes on and looks set to escalate with every passing day and the police and neo-Nazis are entirely to blame for it.

The moment the source gives us more information, we will break the news in the public interest.


Inspector Deborah Regan's desire to clean-up corruption will be put to the test with her handling of the complaint against PC Reynolds...


Current British Movement leader Alastair John Bulman from Underwood - another one of McElroy's sick lovers

Following my arrest on 13 March by the uniformed gangsters masquerading as Nottinghamshire ‘Police’ – I was required by bail conditions to sign three times a week at Hucknall Police Station between 11:00 and 13:00hrs.

On 14 March I gave my new bail address to the East Midlands Special Operations Unit at Hucknall and the following evening someone was searching this blog using the search term ‘Simon Smith in Derbyshire, Alfreton’.

Only the police and the person who owns the bail address knew I was staying there. Therefore only the corrupt police could have leaked the address.

The hard evidence of the search term is recorded in the statistics of this blog and will be passed to my solicitor Reema Alam to throw at the corrupt police and CPS. We will now wipe the floor with them in spectacular fashion.

Within 24 hours of giving the police a new bail address, they had leaked it to their neo-Nazi proxies. And why do I allege it was neo-Nazis who searched this blog using the new bail address search term?

At Alfreton Library three times between 15 and 22 March, a man in his late fifties sat on the computer next to me with a bundle of handwritten search material about the far Right, neo-Nazis and the Holocaust.

On the second occasion, I decided to skip the foreplay and got straight to the G-spot. I asked what his interest was in the far Right? He explained he was writing a book about neo-Nazis, a classic ruse often used.

He then introduced himself as “Dave” and explained he knew Alistair Bulman of Special Branch and Blood & Honour notoriety, who escaped prosecution for his role in my attempted murder in 1990.

I was already aware of the bail address leak, I check the statistics on this blog every morning and night and had no doubt the meeting with “Dave” was no coincidence. I have 24 years of experience in this business and I know an approach when I see one.

On the third and final meeting with “Dave” at Alfreton Library recorded on CCTV it became clear what his game was. He said: “Bulman is back in the country and you can take him out whenever you want to.”

I told “Dave” that I would not go looking for it but if Bulman ever confronted me with force again I would kill him without a second thought using Krav Maga and I told him to pass the message back to his far Right contacts.

“Dave” then wanted to know when I was returning to London and I told him that I was waiting for the right moment to make the move. In the event I made the move at 04:00hrs on 29 March whilst the lazy neo-Nazi clowns were fast asleep in their beds sleeping off alcohol binges from the night before.

On 31 March in London, I went straight to the Russian Embassy to give them the inside-track on HM Government collusion with neo-Nazi assets at home and abroad. But I was stopped from entering the embassy by the Metropolitan Police.

Consequently, I telephoned the Russian Embassy from a location on Hyde Park off the CCTV network. I spoke to four embassy staff and the fourth embassy officer gave me an email address to send the information to and it had to be put in writing to use as evidence.


DS Peter Quinn, Special Branch officer handling neo-Nazi assets

She asked why I was giving this information and I explained “the treacherous British Government needs to be taught a lesson” and she agreed.

I broke my bail conditions because the corrupt police leaked my bail address to neo-Nazis and attempted to entrap me with “Dave” and his invitation to kill Bulman.

I explained the true relationship between Special Branch and Bulman to the Russian Federal Security Service FSB and how he allowed neo-Nazis in Ukraine to rejoin Blood & Honour in 2003 and sponsored their growth into what is now known as ‘Right Sector’ or Svoboda.

It should be noted that the Russian Duma banned Bulman’s neo-Nazi organisation Blood & Honour in the country in 2012 and Bulman hates President Putin with a passion as a result of the banning order.



I told the FSB that I was disgusted by the activities of HM Government in sponsoring neo-Nazi proxies and that the corrupt regime want me dead and buried for exposing collusion with neo-Nazis.

Just how despicable and evil are the police? Several young children live at the bail address I went to live at in Alfreton and the uniformed gangsters were only too happy to put their lives in danger.

Someone at EMSOU Hucknall or at Eastwood Police Station leaked the bail address the same day on 14 March but the police cannot be trusted to ‘investigate’ their own incurable corruption.

Irrespective of their latest dirty tricks they have failed to stop me and I will NOT be silenced by the terror gang.

The battle against police corruption and their evil neo-Nazi proxies continues.


East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) on Watnall Road, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire


Inspector Deborah Regan - just another bent copper whitewashing complaints and burying corruption

Nepotism strikes again in Redneck Nottinghamshire with the appointment of Inspector Deborah Regan, a devout Catholic, which means she’s a raging hypocrite on a mission to portray herself as a ‘good’ girl.

In the real world however, Inspector Regan is a lying toerag with an attitude problem, a common feature of small people or “little and leary” in the common tongue. The little Irish troll has just whitewashed a complaint against PC Richard Reynolds, who is widely detested in the NG16 area and his corruption is common knowledge.

PC Richard Reynolds threatens Simon Tomlin and engages in witness intimidation against Janet Envers and Joyce Wharton

It also comes as no surprise that Regan is connected to my ex-girlfriend Catherine Johnson and her mother Carmel through the Hilltop Catholic Church at Eastwood. When I pressed Regan on this matter between 10 and 12 March, she did not deny the connection and on the 13 March, I was arrested by 10 of her uniformed cowards.

They have to come in such numbers because they’re too afraid to confront me one to one but then the vast majority of coppers are corrupt cowards, just like their neo-Nazi proxies, can’t fight unless they’re in a gang and outnumber the victim.

Police informant Andrew Chrich exposes several corrupt coppers tipping off criminals and dealing in hardcore pornography

It comes as no surprise that Inspector Regan was instrumental in the gagging order to prevent me publishing anything about her whitewash of the IPCC complaint against PC Reynolds. These desperate crooks thought they could terrorise me into silence but this article proves once again that they have FAILED.

And I can only say to the corrupt police and neo-Nazis that they should try and confront me one to one in future but they won’t do that because they’re cowardly little pack animals too afraid to take me on in single combat.

The police tried to ambush me on both sides of the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border on 12 March but they couldn’t press the attack because they didn’t have the numbers to massively outnumber me. The corrupt cowards decided not to try and ambush me in so few numbers.

On the 20 January 1990 it took seven ‘brave’ neo-Nazis – protected by Special Branch and Searchlight Magazine – to subject me to “a particularly horrific attack”. I have no respect for pack animals and I will NEVER back down to them.

Inspector Regan – no jokes about The Sweeney please – is the latest local commander to try and defeat me and I wiped the floor with her and made her look weak, incompetent and of course horribly corrupt.

The police have thrown everything at me and I have trashed them for 24 years and they hate it but they never learn. They’re suckers for punishment and must enjoy being humiliated in this manner, so I oblige them with pleasure.

Of course Regan refuses to say precisely what she has discussed with Catherine Johnson about me and such nepotism and deceit is the norm when dealing with the despicable police.


No one really trusts them, few people like them and hardly anyone believes a word they say. The crime rate in the NG16 area has risen sharply because of police incompetence and corruption and I am NOT to blame for any of it.

Regan must feel right at home colluding with fellow Irish Catholic Melony McElroy and her police inspired fantasies about ‘harassment’. I’d like to know how many of these Irish Catholic trolls have relatives who served in the IRA? Certainly Carmel Johnson (nee Carrick) from Dublin had a brother who ran guns to the IRA across the border in Ulster.

Was Regan positively vetted for IRA connections? This is something we will get to the bottom of and these fifth columnists have to be exposed and opposed.

Reynolds of course and his grubby informant Sean Bonner are also of Irish extraction. Do they have any IRA connections? There is no doubt the Bonners are criminals and there is often a criminal overlap with the IRA and INLA.


Happily I am now in breach of bail conditions and will NOT be reporting to Derbyshire Police HQ again

I trust I have now proved to the organised criminal gang masquerading as a police ‘service’ that I will never back down to them and I could not care less about bail conditions and their gagging order is defeated!


Public Enemies: DCC Alan Goodwin and CC Mick Creedon

The ‘reputation’ of Derbyshire Police will never recover whilst haunted by the ghost of collusion with British Movement leader Danny Tolan and his evil neo-Nazi footsoldiers.

Their collusion continues to this day as Chief Constable Mick Creedon plays the game of burying his head in the sand – with some luck he’ll suffocate himself – but the truth is out and the police cover-up has FAILED. They raided me 10 days after I had dropped the final payload in the public domain.

24 years of lies, smears and threats has amounted only to crushing defeat for Derbyshire Police. The current calamity could have been avoided if CC Creedon had ordered the truth revealed, issued a public apology and paid me compensation but instead he elected to cause yet another war.

Of course it was not CC Creedon’s decision alone to provoke a war, he was aided and abetted by the Home Office, his ACPO accomplices, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and of course the incurably corrupt Special Branch.


E-FIT of Danny Tolan between 1990-1994

It takes a particularly sick person to protect an evil gangster like Danny Tolan but that is precisely what the Metropolitan Police and Derbyshire Police have done since before my attempted murder in January 1990.

To this day Calamity Creedon protects the British Movement gangsters who left me for dead with serious head and facial injuries. Their attitude is that I should have died that night and the corrupt police and neo-Nazis still want me dead but they’d need a professional for that job, cowardly amateurs will fail.

I must remind readers at this point that I am the victim, not one of the aggressors but the malefactors are treated like saints. Whereas the treatment handed out to me by the police since 1990 is tantamount to that of an abused stray dog. Do any of these evil bastards think that I will ever forgive them?

The answer quite simply is NO and I will never forgive them in this life or the next, ever will we be at war. There will be no peace treaty with the forces of corruption and pure evil. The malefactors have all escaped justice because the legal system is run by gangsters who wouldn’t know the truth if they tripped over it.

So I want to assure the enemy that this war never ends until justice is done and there will be no walking away from the battle under duress of threats and fabricated allegations of ‘harassment’, which is their latest malicious fantasy.

I told Officer 0625965 – known only by a code number, with a West Yorkshire accent – on 13 March at a police station in Nottingham that I would not allow the malefactors to escape justice. I do NOT care about their lives, I care about as much for their feelings as they care about mine, nothing.

In 24 years I have not had a credible explanation from the police, not a word of sympathy, no apology, just threats, smears, abuse and more threats. I am NOT backing down to this organised criminal gang, they will have to kill me to stop this anti-corruption campaign.

But one vitally important aspect of my arrest came when I was being released on police bail. Officer 0625965 said I had a “photographic memory” and with this admission is the fact he agrees that what I told him in interview is true.

The two-hour interview was conducted in the presence of my solicitor Reema Alam and I was completely honest on a wide range of relevant issues, particularly the IP’s string of relationships with senior neo-Nazis but exposing this fact constitutes ‘harassment’ in her warped, politicised imagination.

Officer 0625965 admitted I have a “photographic memory” and that means he cannot turn around now and say I was lying. Total recall means just that and the “Nazi ground sheet” has no credibility whatsoever as a witness.

Happily, before the interview commenced, Officer 0625965 admitted my arrest was ordered “from the top” and that the investigating officers would be known by code numbers only to prevent their names becoming public property. All very Stalinist or entirely in keeping with similar practices in Nazi Germany.

There is no doubt CC Creedon played an instrumental role in my arrest and his subordinate DCI Jim Allen had already tried and failed to lure me into an ambush in August 2013. But obviously I’m not as dim as the police.

There is no doubt also that the IPCC will conduct another whitewash into the two complaints because this cover-up now has official backing from the Home Office.

Theresa May of course hates the fact that I exposed Tories funding the British National Party and Alan Clark’s monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall. My enemies are terrified of the truth, they are the original hate gang and I will NEVER back down to them.

Quite apart from which fact, HM Government is now funding and supporting neo-Nazi proxies in Ukraine. Collusion with pure evil is now official Government policy.

Backing the Russian position against the corrupt, degenerate, bankrupt West is the best decision I have ever made because only President Putin is leading the fight against neo-Nazism and their sinister puppet masters.

I feel privileged to be part of this battle, now assuming historic proportions.

Former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark had monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall in London. This fact was covered repeatedly in Spearhead Magazine in the early 1990s.

Former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark had monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall in London. This fact was covered repeatedly in Spearhead Magazine in the early 1990s.


PC Richard Reynolds threatens Janet Envers, Joyce Wharton and Simon Tomlin

The organised criminal gang masquerading as Nottinghamshire ‘Police’ sent 10 of its uniformed gangsters to arrest me on 13 March at approximately 08.10hrs.

Was I about to bomb the London Underground? Of course not, I am even worse than that, I am an investigate journalist exposing corrupt police officers and their neo-Nazi proxies.

PC Richard Reynolds of 5 Ashbourne Road, Underwood, Nottinghamshire, made a complaint about ‘harassment’ but this was over a year after two articles were published exposing his misconduct in public office. Why did it take Reynolds so long to fabricate his complaint?


BENT COPPERS: Andrew Chrich, Alan Grainger, PCSO Martyn Barsby, PC Tim Pearson, PC Paul Maltby, PC Richard Reynolds

Likewise, in synchrony with her fellow Nazi sympathiser Reynolds, a complaint of ‘harassment’ was made by “the Nazi ground sheet” Melony McElroy, who has had a string of lovers in the British National Party, British Movement and Blood & Honour.

Just days before the latest act of police terrorism against journalists, my book TERROR GANG was banned but the publisher refuses to tell me who made the complaint and on what grounds? Despite the silence, it is perfectly clear that Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Police crooks were involved in the malicious complaint.

The publisher admits that the complainants have NOT even read the book they wanted banned but this terrorism is entirely in keeping with the terror tactics they have always used. Much the same and worse is being done by Svoboda gangsters in Ukraine.

McElroy of 21 Plumptre Way, Eastwood has had affairs with Alistair Bulman, Mickey Lane and David Mee, all senior leaders in the openly neo-Nazi British Movement and Blood & Honour. All of them were directly involved in my attempted murder on 20 January 1990. But apparently evil McElroy claims to have a ‘reputation’ to defend and what is she defending?


Former British Movement leader Micky Lane had a relationship with McElroy for 3 years

McElroy now works for Ellis, Fermor & Negus Solicitors, primarily based at the Ripley office, just minutes walk from Derbyshire Police HQ. The nexus of pure evil is so transparent it is staggeringly obvious even to a casual observer. McElroy has had intimate relationships with three British Movement leaders involved in the attempt to kill me and the ensuing Special Branch and MI5 cover-up.

British Movement thugs protected by Special Branch and Searchlight Magazine were responsible for my attempted murder in Derbyshire and they were allowed to escape prosecution for the “particularly horrific attack”.

McElroy knows all of the men involved in the attack but has refused to cooperate to bring them before the criminal courts. Perverting the course of justice is a serious criminal offence but McElroy knows her corrupt police friends will never prosecute her.

DCC Alan Goodwin has made it perfectly clear that the neo-Nazis involved in my attempted murder will NOT be prosecuted and that “the case is closed” but they were never investigated in the first place.


Current British Movement leader Alastair John Bulman from Underwood - another one of McElroy's sick lovers

“See no evil, hear no evil” is the policy at Derbyshire Police and these sinister gangsters think they can get away with anything. They believe they can collude with neo-Nazis and anyone who dares to challenge them will be crushed.

There is absolutely no doubt that Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Police worked together to secure my arrest and their transparent attempt to frame me on the spurious grounds of ‘harassment’ will now bring them a disaster.

McElroy now claims to be a born again Christian because she works for a Christian law firm but she does not deny being a neo-Nazi. How does a neo-Nazi adopt the Christian faith of love and forgiveness?


Precisely what does McElroy know about the neo-Nazi attack gang who tried to kill me on 20 January 1990?

The truth is that McElroy is a hateful little snake and is on a mission to destroy me for daring to expose and oppose the far Right for the last 12 years.

Whistleblower Susan Stringer, who knew McElroy in the British Movement confirms the legal secretary is a fanatical Nazi on a power trip who loves playing one man off against the other.

It has to be asked why Social Services have not paid McElroy a visit to ensure her daughter Megan is not being brainwashed with Nazi ideology and racism. No doubt her corrupt police friends can solve any problems of that nature.

Her former partner Richard Kinton has admitted in writing that McElroy had affairs with two BNP activists during their two-year relationship and there is absolutely no evidence she has adopted Jesus as her saviour.

In fact McElroy was raised in an Irish-Italian Catholic family and has no need to convert to Christianity but everything she does is public relations fantasy. Her daughter is the product of a relationship with another neo-Nazi calling himself Bradley or Brad.


David Mee's baby was terminated by evil McElroy

But in keeping with her public relations routine, McElroy has painted herself as a sweet, innocent little girl who goes to bed with her teddy every night and doesn’t even know what a penis looks like. Perhaps best not to mention her wild weekend with amphetamine addict Roger Davis on Bishop Street, Eastwood in 1989.

Prior to that, the evil little whore wanted me to leave my girlfriend Catherine Johnson and flee to Ireland with her but I made the sensible decision to reject her trickery and stayed with Catherine.

And in the police interview on 13 March, it was NOT denied that PC Reynolds and McElroy know one another. Has she slept with him as well one might ask?

Likewise it was NOT denied that Reynolds and Alistair Bulman know one another. Hard to deny that considering Bulman’s family home on Smeath Road, Underwood is just 100 yards from Reynold’s home on Ashbourne Road.

Brinsley resident Lisa Harvey witnessed PC Reynolds harassing Janet Envers in the village and on one occasion, he sat outside Envers house in a marked police van for over an hour just staring at the property.

Lisa has put her evidence in writing and this has been passed to Inspector Deborah Regan but she is determined to conduct yet another whitewash of police corruption in tandem with the impotent IPCC.

In fact Inspector Regan was instrumental in my arrest on 13 March because she realised the weight of evidence against PC Reynolds is crushing and he has harassed and intimidated a string of female witnesses. But Reynolds met his match when he made the fatal mistake of trying harass me.

In detention at Bridewell Police Station, I was told by PS 812 and PS 713 that my arrest had been ordered by Chief Constable Chris Eyre and that the interviewing officers would use code numbers only to identify themselves.

This is the same CC Eyre who refused me protection against neo-Nazis and his corrupt officers in June 2011. He further refused to explain if he had Home Office authorisation but he certainly does now. Sponsoring neo-Nazi proxies is now official HM Government policy, evinced by events with Right Sector in Ukraine.

During the two-hour interview, the police refused to say when McElroy and Reynolds fabricated their ‘harassment’ statements and further refused to allow me to see the written statements. Clearly terrified of the truth again.

I was released on police bail conditions preventing me from publishing any further about Nottinghamshire Police and I now face immediate arrest for publishing this article.

I was ordered to report 3 times a week to the East Midlands Special Operations Unit at Hucknall and this was done on the insistence of Special Branch or EMSOU-SB.

My bail conditions were later amended to attending Derbyshire Police HQ at Ripley and I attended there twice this week.

On 14 March, I gave a new bail address to EMSOU-SB and that very same evening people were searching on this blog using the term ‘Simon Smith at Alfreton’.

I had only given the address to EMSOU at 12:30hrs the same day and there is NO doubt they leaked the new address to their neo-Nazi proxies. They don’t even bother to hide their collusion with neo-Nazis anymore but big trouble is heading their way now and they know it.

There is now no doubt that a police and neo-Nazi terror gang is at work and they cannot be reformed – they can only be stopped with direct action by anti-corruption campaigners and anti-Fascist groups.

No matter what happens now, I will NOT back down to the police and neo-Nazi terror gang and I will not be reporting at any police station to be arrested by an organised criminal gang.

I urge members of the public to UNITE AGAINST CORRUPTION.


PCC Paddy Tipping and CC Chris Eyre ignoring police corruption?

Owen Jones and The Guardian want the Metropolitan Police abolished

Owen Jones and The Guardian want the Metropolitan Police abolished

The article yesterday in The Guardian by Owen Jones – clearly endorsed by the newspaper’s editor – is a breathtaking piece of journalism for the mainstream media. The article demonstrates the extent to which the sociopolitical climate has changed in Britain and most people now realise we have a colossal problem with institutional corruption inside the police ‘service’. 

It is not just the Metropolitan Police that is “institutionally corrupt” and my own experience with Derbyshire Police over the last 24 years is proof-positive of an organised criminal gang at work masquerading as a police ‘service’.

Of course it comes as no surprise that in the first instance the Metropolitan Police Special Branch and Derbyshire Police Special Branch were involved in the cover-up of my attempted murder to protect their covert sources inside the British Movement.

Those two criminal gangs, and there is no other way to describe them because they are NOT police ‘services’, are now working together again to cover-up their original cover-up. They are the very ugly public face of police corruption and they have no intention of carrying out ‘reform’.

In August last year, instead of reviewing the original quasi-investigation into my attempted murder on 20 January 1990, DCI Jim Allen at Derbyshire Police tried to lure me into an arrest ambush at Little Eaton in Derbyshire. He admitted in writing that he was only interested in protecting PC Richard Reynolds of neighbouring Nottinghamshire Police, who was facing corruption allegations by a dozen people he had harassed and intimidated.

Both DCI Jim Allen and PC Reynolds are now being ‘investigated’ by the IPCC but that organisation’s history of dealing with police corruption is appalling at best and downright corrupt at worst.

Derbyshire Police saw it as a golden opportunity to silence me permanently and no doubt I would have been framed again in their institutionally corrupt legal system and my anti-corruption campaign buried forever. They failed because I am far too smart for dimwitted police officers and their infantile tricks.

Derbyshire Police acting in league with the Metropolitan Police allowed the man who ordered my murder to escape prosecution and to this day British Movement leader Danny Tolan has never had to worry about being arrested. Nothing has changed for the better and in fact the police are now more corrupt than at any time before.

For the record, the British Movement was the most evil organisation I have ever encountered and it’s no surprise that the gang was heavily infiltrated by Special Branch and Searchlight Magazine. Obviously, this is a very sore point for The Guardian because they have cooperated with Gerry Gable at Searchlight on innumerable occasions but the evidence proves Gable knew the names of everyone involved in my attempted murder and stopped his agent Tim Hepple from testifying against them. Anyone who doubts this fact should read AT WAR WITH SOCIETY by Gerry Gable and Tim Hepple.

Tim Hepple undercover in the far Right - recruited as an agent between April and July 1989

Tim Hepple undercover in the far Right – recruited as an agent between April and July 1989

The extent to which the police have protected the British Movement gangsters responsible for ruining my adult life is now transparent and all the evidence points to collusion in the cover-up between the Metropolitan, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and West Midlands police ‘services’. Even Cambridgeshire Police allowed Jock Nisbett, the most violent member of the attack gang to escape arrest.

The response of Derbyshire Police ‘Professional’ Standards Department best demonstrates the fact that nothing has changed. My complaint to the IPCC on 2 December 2013 was dismissed immediately by Detective Superintendent Rachel Walker on the grounds I was a ‘vexatious complainant’. This was a stunning response given the fact I had not made a complaint against a Derbyshire Police officer before because I did not know until July 2013 exactly who was responsible for the cover-up. But salient facts of this nature are of no concern to the organised criminal gang and I appealed to the IPCC immediately.

Derbyshire Police lied about the existence of DC 1111 Frank Bailey of Special Branch for 23 years, then did a spectacular u-turn once I released his artist’s impression drawn by Major Maryann Martinek. But I was offered no apology of any description by the contemptuous organised criminal gang and I got the clear impression they wished I had died on that dreadful night in hell in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

The police are not just corrupt, the problem is far more severe than that, they are riddled with hate, vengefulness and pure evil and the fact they have protected dozens of neo-Nazis proves they are pure evil.

Detective Constable 1111 Frank Bailey - Artist's Impression - Special Branch

Detective Constable 1111 Frank Bailey – Artist’s Impression – Special Branch

The family of Stephen Lawrence had no chance of securing any form of ‘justice’ from the corrupt Metropolitan Police that was protecting evil Danny Tolan and his British Movement gangsters from arrest. Tolan was a hardcore neo-Nazi with a penchant for extreme violence, younger women, Harley Davidson motorbikes and of course illegal firearms. He lived a charmed life in south London, just miles from where Stephen Lawrence was murdered, in the knowledge he would never be arrested for my attempted murder.

Just last week news broke that institutionally corrupt HM Government had handed immunity from prosecution letters to dozens of IRA killers and they will never be brought to any form of justice. This evil regime is now on a collision course with massive civil disturbances if sweeping reform is not carried out rapidly.

I would pose the question, who do they think they are kidding with this protecting the public nonsense? IRA killers and twisted neo-Nazis given immunity from prosecution and hundreds of lives wrecked in the process and it is condoned by the organisation supposed to protect the public from these monsters. But instead the corrupt State is in league with these murdering animals but we have now reached the point of no return!

In December last year I met with a former school acquaintance I had not seen for 35 years. He suddenly turned up on my Facebook timeline offering to throw “a ring steel” around me but it transpired that former soldier Neil Jackson wanted me to see things from the perspective of the State. He urged me to see the “bigger picture” and waffled about “the greater good” and that I was “just a casualty of war in the wrong place at the wring time.”

Their cavalier contempt for human life or more to the point, for human misery, convinces me that this organised criminal gang needs to be smashed using its own motto “by any means necessary” and that includes the use of force as a last resort.

Neil Jackson: "It cuts to the heart when you criticise my mates in Derbyshire Police."

FAKE left-wing political activist Neil Jackson: “It cuts to the heart when you criticise my mates in Derbyshire Police.”

If the system will not reform or cannot be reformed and threatens anti-corruption campaigners with the use of force, then force must be met with force, not just for reform but for personal survival.

I will never allow myself to be dismissed as “a casualty of war” by this rancid criminal gang masquerading as a ‘government’ and its puppet police ‘service’. I will not back down or even “stand down” as Neil Jackson put it. I would not shed a fingernail to guarantee the survival of this criminal regime and I certainly would not bleed to save it. Particularly so given the fact I lost two-pints of blood on 20 January 1990 when I was ripped to shreds by a neo-Nazi attack gang working for the State and protected to the hilt by Special Branch.

What I want to see happen is the abolition of the IPCC not the police. The simple fact is we need a police service but we do not need an organised criminal gang playing at being a police service. In Britain, the police have nothing to fear from the IPCC whitewash brigade and that organisation has whitewashed 99% of all complaints during its sordid history of protecting corrupt police officers.

With nothing to fear from the IPCC, why should the police behave in a honest and accountable manner? There is no one stop them and they certainly are not going to find themselves guilty of corruption. That is the way this evil system works at present. The police ‘investigate’ themselves and ‘discover’ they are innocent and in 99% of cases the IPCC rubber stamps their corruption.

In common with their IRA, neo-Nazi and criminal proxies, the police have developed an untouchable mentality in which the belief they can get away with anything flourishes, of course until it is stopped either by sweeping reform or direct confrontation on the streets. It will be one or the other option in Britain now and thousands of people are boiling with anger, eager to confront the police but I would urge people to give the Government one last chance to abolish the IPCC and create a truly independent Police Standards Authority.

The police should play no role whatsoever in the investigation of their own corruption and the police complaints authority should investigate the complaints in their entirety from start to finish. If the police refuse to cooperate, then other police units, a dedicated anti-corruption unit, should arrest the offending officers on the grounds of conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Naturally, the current organised criminal gang is terrified of a system of this nature because the cancer of corruption would be wiped-out in short order and prevented from being allowed to flourish again.

Likewise, membership of the Freemasons should be proscribed and the same is true of any secret organisation. Common Purpose must be stopped from training or brainwashing senior police officers and the entire police service should be depoliticised and play no part whatsoever in the political process. Reform will come with the abolition of  ACPO and the creation of a truly independent police service with only one objective, to uphold the law in the public interest.

Furthermore, given that so much corruption festers around the Crown and those who swear allegiance to the Monarch, all police officers should be compelled to swear their oath of allegiance to Parliament and the elected representatives of the people they want to police. The same is also true of the armed forces and judiciary. It is time for Britain to evolve out of the Victorian era and enter the brave new world.

A sweeping reform programme could be carried out in the space of five years and within this time our police service could become truly professional and trusted again by the public.

In April 2012, the New Statesman described the police as “an army of occupation” and I have to concur with that opinion on the basis of 24 years on the frontline against police corruption. If policing is done by consent and apparently it is, then I withdraw my consent to be policed by an organised criminal gang until sweeping reforms are carried out in the public interest.

In closing, if the Home Office and police want to play the reform card, and I can see no evidence of reform anywhere in Broken Britain, I will put them to the test with the arrest of Daniel Tolan, Alistair Bulman, Peter Brood, Jock Nisbett, Richard Wilson, Tim Hepple and Gerry Gable, all involved in the prosecution of my attempted murder and the ensuing cover-up.

Let this be the acid test of the Government’s so-called willingness to reform. If they are not arrested, questioned at great length and then charged by the CPS and compelled to stand trial, then everyone will know that HM Government and its puppet police have no intention of reform and the backlash will be on the streets.

I sincerely hope the Government takes note and acts now to prosecute the foregoing criminals and in the process of doing so, take leaps-and-bounds to restore the ‘reputation’ of the police. I don’t want to destroy the police or abolish them, I want them reformed in the public interest by peaceful means.

And it is time I was told the truth about Catherine Elizabeth Johnson and her relationship with Derbyshire Police since 1992 and the exact nature of what the police did to target her, against me.

WANTED for attempted murder and conspiring to pervert the course of justice: Gerry Gable, Danny Tolan, Richard Wilson, Alastair Bulman, Jock Nisbett, Peter Brood, Tim Hepple

WANTED for attempted murder and conspiring to pervert the course of justice: Gerry Gable, Danny Tolan, Richard Wilson, Alastair Bulman, Jock Nisbett, Peter Brood and Tim Hepple.

Simon Tomlin at New Scotland Yard investigating the Special Demonstration Squad

Simon Tomlin at New Scotland Yard investigating the Special Demonstration Squad and police corruption

The Home Secretary has finally realised the police are “institutionally corrupt” after the latest Lawrence report but her ‘surprise’ before Parliament was pure theatre for anyone stupid enough to fall for such transparent pantomime.

Incorrigible liar Chief Constable Mick Creedon of Derbyshire Police has found no evidence of a smear campaign against the Lawrence family by the Metropolitan Police. This is the same Metropolitan Police who tasked him with Operation Herne and of course his tacit agenda was to find no evidence of a smear campaign.

This is the same Mick Creedon who can find no evidence of a smear campaign against me by his corrupt officers but Derbyshire Police lied about the existence of Special Branch officer DC Frank Bailey for 23 years and then did a hugely embarrassing u-turn in July 2013 and admitted his existence.

Typically I was offered no explanation by the crooks at Derbyshire Police and no apology for being painted as a mentally ill fantasist who had imagined the existence of DC Bailey and his attempt to recruit me on 24 January 1990 at Ilkeston Police Station. But Creedon’s gang don’t even deny this now and accept there was ‘a failed attempted recruitment’.

In September last year, DCC Alan Goodwin ordered another cover-up of the original cover-up of my attempted murder on 20 January 1990 and claimed he was doing it because I had been “impolite” to his officers. A complaint is now live before the IPCC against DCI Jim Allen who was tasked to review the original ‘investigation’ but instead tried to arrest me for exposing the corruption of PC Richard Reynolds, also facing a complaint to the IPCC, now being handled by Inspector Deborah Regan.

The appalling arrogance of these police crooks and their inability to find evidence of their own corruption should surprise no one. “Institutionally corrupt” applies to all British police ‘services’ not just the Metropolitan Police and I have been making this point for the last 24 years, only to be vindicated at the final hurdle.

Creedon’s Operation Herne fantasy is the perfect example of the fiction produced by the organised criminal gang masquerading as a police ‘service’. He finds no evidence that undercover SDS officers took part in and/or organised street violence whilst operating inside left-wing and right-wing groups.


This is a monstrous lie and how do I know this? I was a senior political officer in the British National Party between September 1990 and November 1993 before I resigned in disgust. In the three years I was at the top of the BNP, active across the country, I was involved in or witnessed dozens of street battles with left-wing activists and the corrupt police.

I have made this point previously and the evidence supports it: Undercover SDS officers inside Combat 18 and Class War would not have lasted five minutes if they had not taken part in the street violence and its organisation. They have committed a string of public order offences and offences against the person, apparently to maintain their cover. This fact is admitted in UNDERCOVER by Paul Lewis and Rob Evans based on the evidence of whistleblower Peter Francis. 

Combat 18 was a vicious street gang and no one was allowed to run with them if they did not show a ruthless willingness to use violence and C18 activists routinely carried knives and later firearms. I was at the very epicentre of the action for over three years and Creedon’s fantasy cuts no ice with me whatsoever.

Class War was led by an undercover SDS officer and they routinely carried an assortment of weapons – I know this because I have fought them several times at close quarters, hand-to-hand combat across England, so close to them I could smell what they’d eaten for breakfast.

I am far better informed and experienced than Calamity Creedon in these matters and of course, the one thing he hates more than anything else, is the fact I uncovered the undercover SDS officer at the BNP HQ and a Searchlight agent in November 1993. I published this fact exactly 10 years ago in my first book THE FANATICS, which Special Branch patsy Tony ‘the mad bomber’ Lecomber tried to have banned but he failed.

Undercover, page 128 - SDS officers were undercover in the far Right

Undercover, page 128 – SDS officers were undercover in the far Right

On 5 March 2014, the police and neo-Nazis working together forced my publisher to take my latest book TERROR GANG into protective withdrawal after making a string of malicious complaints. None of them had read the book and it had only been on sale for 48 hours before they attacked, terrified of the truth about their terrorism reaching a wider audience. The book was due to land in book shops in 6 to 8 weeks and the TERROR GANG terrorists were terrified of this development.

Naturally this banning comes as no surprise, Nazis and bent coppers have always been into book banning and Britain is now more akin to Nazi Germany than most people realise.

What chance did the Lawrence family have of getting ‘justice’ from the Metropolitan Police? The answer to that is no chance at all and during 1991-1993, I saw several uniformed police officers on Brick Lane in East London, reverse their ties to display a metal BNP badge pinned to the inside. One officer even said to me on demonstration opposed by the SWP: “We’re with you, don’t react to their provocation, leave us to deal with them.”

In 2002, I became a whistleblower in the Sunday Times and exposed some of the activities of the far Right and since then I have published a mountain of material on the far Right and police corruption and proved beyond doubt the appalling extent to which they have worked together.

Another reason the Lawrence family stood no chance of getting justice for the murder of their young son was because the Metropolitan Police Special Branch protected British Movement leader Danny Tolan from arrest for ordering Gordon Jackson to kill me on 20 January 1990.

This is the same “particularly horrific attack” denied by Derbyshire Police solicitor Alison ‘in wonderland’ Clarke in 2005 when she committed perjury by misleading the High Court into believing the attack on me did not happen, there was never an appeal against conviction by Gordon Jackson and that newspaper reports of his criminal trial did not prove there had ever been a trial. Not just police corruption but pure evil at work, a calculated lie and vicious smear campaign.

Derby Telegraph, 8 September 1990 - it never happened?

Derby Telegraph, 8 September 1990 – it never happened?

Yet again Derbyshire Police were forced to back down when DS Jim Skinner, the original investigating officer came forward to admit he tried to investigate the gang attack but was stopped by Derbyshire Police Special Branch.

At the time of the attack, Gordon Jackson was already a police informant, his boss Danny Tolan was protected by MPSB and Searchlight Magazine had an agent Tim Hepple inside the British Movement attack gang. The glaring lies of Derbyshire Police are too obvious to be ignored any longer and the majority of people have lost trust in the police.

On the grounds of what they have done so far, Alison Clarke should be charged with perjury and conspiring to pervert the course of justice and CC Mick Creedon, DCC Alan Goodwin and DCI Jim Allen should all face charges of conspiring to pervert the course of justice. The hard evidence against them is incontrovertible but instead these uniformed gangsters tried to lure me into an arrest ambush in August 2013 at Little Eaton in Derbyshire but of course I did not accept their invitation to commit suicide.

The police have NOT changed in the slightest, in fact they are more despicable and corrupt now than ever before and the concrete evidence proves this beyond doubt.

On 13 February I spoke to the Counter Terrorism Command – formerly Metropolitan Police Special Branch – about Danny Tolan and was advised to write to Commander Richard Walton for clarification on Tolan. But yesterday it transpired that Commander Walton was involved in the MPSB smear campaign against the Lawrence family and he met with undercover SDS officer N81.


The possibility of getting a credible and open response from Commander Walton is impossible and as a result I will not bother to waste time on contacting a senior officer involved in an illegal undercover operation against the family of a murder victim.

Danny Tolan has lived a charmed life since January 1990 and because of his protection by MPSB and DPSB, who shielded him from arrest and he has never had to worry about being prosecuted for his leading role in my attempted murder. Whistleblower Susan Stringer who knew Tolan revealed in writing last week that he had admitted to shooting a man with a sawn-off shotgun because the alleged victim caused Tolan to have an accident on his Harley Davidson motorbike.

The police are not just corrupt, they are running a TERROR GANG using neo-Nazi proxies and other useful idiots to do their dirty work for them and the incontrovertible evidence proves it. Hence the reason they teamed-up to ban TERROR GANG on 5 March 2014. I have sent the relevant email correspondence with my publisher to Inspector Deborah Regan.

I fully intend to apply to testify at the Public Inquiry into the Special Demonstration Squad because I am qualified to speak about the reality of their shady, illegal covert operations against political activists. But the public should be in no doubt that I will be blocked at every stage because HM Government does not want to know the truth about the SDS.

Instead they want to focus entirely on the Lawrence family – to score political points – and three SDS officers who had relationships with female political activists and wrecked their lives. The Government always goes for the soft option but Theresa May and her gang can be in doubt that I will be the ghost that haunts them to the grave and beyond.

I will never stop until justice is done in the public interest and to hell with the threatened “consequences”. Let the enemy worry about Operation Nemesis and their impending downfall in spectacular fashion before the world.

Illustration of my facial and head injuries on 20 January 1990

Illustration of my facial and head injuries on 20 January 1990